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Breaking Free

Book 1: Breaking Free Lesbian Romance Series

Miranda was just a small town girl living in Kostroma, Westermont. She goes to college, has a few friends and works a part-time job at a rundown cafe. She’s an ordinary girl with a big secret, a secret she thinks she shouldn’t keep.

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Love Me in Time

Book 3: Secret Love Series

When Caitriona traveled back in time, she had no idea that her life was about to be turned upside down. Now years later, Caitrona and Angeline are on the run. They are now a part in the heart of the American Revolution, fighting for a common cause, and hiding as Colton’s bloodthirsty pursuit for revenge knows no bounds.

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Save Me in Time

Book 2: Secret Love Series

It’s been 3 years since Caitriona Cruz traveled back in time because of the necklace that brought her to 18th century England. She now resides in the Thomas household in the colonies alongside the only woman she ever truly loved, but can never have.

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Find Me in Time

Book 1: Secret Love Series

Caitriona comes across a necklace that draws her in, and she becomes obsessed with finding out the story behind it especially as she drawn further into the mystery of the necklace. She wakes up and finds herself in the middle of 18th century England where she runs into the owner of the necklace Angeline Beaumont.

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Just For You

Book 3: Play Me a Song Series

Fame and success have driven a wedge in the superstar couple’s relationship. Alicia is overwhelmed with work, keeping her company afloat and dealing with a business that is swallowing her whole.

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Now We’re Here

Book 2: Play Me a Song Series

Alicia knows being famous isn’t all fun and games. It’s serious business. When her work as a producer sky-rockets her to a world of fame, of prestige and big bucks, Alicia finds herself caught in a web of lies, of deceit and envy

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Play me a Song

Book 1: Play Me a Song Series

Alicia wishes she could be anything other than regular. Living with her mom, attending night classes and working in a diner, her life is what anyone would consider as ‘ordinary.’

That is, until she meets Gabriella.

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Love in June

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Voice on the Radio

It’s all change for Anna Robbins. She quits her job, breaks off her two-year engagement and jumps into her bright, red Jaguar, leaving New York in search of something new…

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