Breaking Free

By Jessica Kale

Book 1: Breaking Free Lesbian Romance Series

Miranda was just a small town girl living in Kostroma, Westermont. She goes to college, has a few friends and works a part-time job at a rundown cafe. She’s an ordinary girl with a big secret, a secret she thinks she shouldn’t keep. “People here are just a bunch of homophobes!” she always says. Sitting next to her would be Leelah, her best friend. Sometimes it feels like it’s just the two of them against the world, until Miranda decides she’s had enough.

On a hot summer night, something happens that changes everything, and that’s when she decides she doesn’t want to live this life anymore. She doesn’t want to hide in the shadows, to keep her relationships a secret, to feel like her whole life is based on a lie. So she stands up for herself, and so does Leelah. But little do they know… there are consequences. From getting weird looks to being locked up in a jail cell, the two girls face it all, together.