Meet Jessica Kale

There was a time in Jessica Kale’s life when writing books for a living would have been considered a taboo. The daughter of university professors and a bright student since an early age, the stage had been set for her by a successful family that wanted nothing more than to see their daughter in scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck.

Born in Storrs, Connecticut, Jessica Kale grew up in a world of intellectuals, where the written word was valued above all else. Books were her best friends, and her imagination the go-to escape she needed from the real world.

Now she lives in Hartford with her husband and two daughters, and a laptop that allows her to let her imagination run wild. That is, if the dog lets her work.

Check out her books

Breaking Free

Book 1: Breaking Free Lesbian Romance series

Miranda was just a small town girl living in Kostroma, Westermont. She goes to college, has a few friends and works a part-time job at a rundown cafe. She’s an ordinary girl with a big secret, a secret she thinks she shouldn’t keep.

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Just For You

Book 3: Play Me a Song Series

Fame and success have driven a wedge in the superstar couple’s relationship. Alicia is overwhelmed with work, keeping her company afloat and dealing with a business that is swallowing her whole.

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Now We’re Here

Book 2: Play Me a Song Series

Alicia knows being famous isn’t all fun and games. It’s serious business. When her work as a producer sky-rockets her to a world of fame, of prestige and big bucks, Alicia finds herself caught in a web of lies, of deceit and envy

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Play me a Song

Book 1: Play Me a Song Series

Alicia wishes she could be anything other than regular. Living with her mom, attending night classes and working in a diner, her life is what anyone would consider as ‘ordinary.’

That is, until she meets Gabriella.

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