Just For You

By Jessica Kale

Fame and success have driven a wedge in the superstar couple’s relationship. Alicia is overwhelmed with work, keeping her company afloat and dealing with a business that is swallowing her whole. Gabriella is on constant tours, with a platinum record, that leaves no space for a social life, a home, or the woman she loves. Argument after argument has led to a rough breakup that both women are still finding hard to deal with.

But when Gabriella gets an unexpected call from home, everything changes. Her father’s dying, and she is forced to go back to the one place she has been running away from for so long. Closely followed by Alicia, both women find themselves in the middle of a world where fame and success don’t matter, and the word ‘home’ is only defined by the people you share it with. It is here where they truly understand the meaning of sacrifice, and what it truly means to love unconditionally.